Web Design and Credibility

Web design often provides first impressions for an organization or someone in general. For most clients that use websites its crucial to get your point across within a matter of seconds or the user will either stay or move on to the next site.  One aspect that may influence a user to stay or go is aesthetics.  Another reason might be the sites credibility by just the user’s judgment in general.  If the site has too many ads or to many popups a user will leave as quickly as they came.  When content is not updated on a regular bases users tend to want fresh and accurate information is another reason to stay on a site.  Most users  don’t have to search threw a few different areas to find the information they are looking for so they tend to leave to find a site that is better suited for them. Credibility in web design is very important for the client you are working with or as a user.  No one wants to spend all their time looking at something that is not going to either entertain them or give them the information they are looking for.  A few good websites on what makes a website credible is What Makes a Website Credible? Top 5 Credibility Signals.


Progressive Enhancment Article Reviews

 The Progressive Enhancement: What It Is, And How To Use It article is a small tutorial on how to use progressive enhancement and what it exactly is.  The article states that progressive enhancement is powerful method and that it allows web developers to build a great website while dealing with issues that are by multiple unknown user-agents.  Progressive Enhancement is for starting with a good solid foundation and then adding the enhancements later down the road.  This article will help you define what exactly the difference between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation is.  You will also find that it teaches out the best way to use progressive enhancement in your web development.  The article gives you a tutorial on how progressive enhancement is worked as well as the code that is use for a certain form of it.  If you ever wonder how or why you need to use certain methods to make all browsers work this article will help you along the path of deciding if you want to use either progressive enhancement or graceful degradation but it only shows you how to use progressive enhancement.

The Case for Designing with Progressive Enhancement article is a detailed experience of how progressive enhancement works.  This article acknowledges how users are evolving and not only are they using personal computers but they can now surf the web anywhere from a mobile phone to a tablet.  All of your CSS that you use to make things load faster and more detailed on your site more and more people are going to be able to see this since they have an updated browser to see the content and you will not have to compete with a backward compatible browser client.  If you are interested in web design at all this article will explain how and why you need progressive enhancement for the future.


Communication is defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals.  Communication with web design and development is a huge part of your daily routine.  If you cannot communicate correctly or efficiently then you are not going to fail per say you will just not be as wanted for a project a job.  It is skill you have to learn and obtain so that you can talk to a client and learn what they want as well as speak to the client how you can get things done as well as talk out the complications of the task at hand.  I think communication is a huge part of all of our lives.  You can just go through life without communicating in some way.  There are tons of different ways to communicate, from email, phones, verbally and letters.  Each way has its pros and cons about the way we like to communicate.  Someone that only verbally communicates will probably be more likely to make mistakes unless he or she goes out and writes down what exactly said.  Someone that uses email or a letter and uses the phone has a better chance of not making mistakes than someone that does not use these options.  I think that communication for web design is a key element for a web designer or developer to be successful in this profession.  Unlike someone that does not like to communicate with someone to get what they need to make the designs that they are required to complete.

Anger Management

Anger is one of the basic emotions that all of us experience in any kind of situation it.   Anger is a normal reaction but in the work place it is hard to sometimes cover that emotion weather is be a lazy co-worker, a customer.  It could be a lot of things that make you angry.  It is important to learn angry management in the work place so that you don’t have a devastating consequence like being fire or being written up.  Most companies nowadays require you to go to some type of anger management course.  It doesn’t mean you are not allowed to show your emotions it just teaches you how to control those emotions.   There are ways to calm yourself so that it doesn’t take control of you and that you can let is subside.  Taking a walk or listening to music is a few ways that can calm you down so that you don’t over react and say something you will regret later on.  There are many places to take classes as well as websites that help you control anger.

Taking Charge

I spent most of my 3 hours spending the time looking at other  web designs and how the came up with that designs
and how to improve myself as a designer with taking the examples of other designer’s choices.  I also read blogs to see how talented I could become
and how much I love the things that make up a website.  From the small things like the icons they used to have someone link to
there Facebook or RSS feed.  To the way they write how to design and what knowledge t they have  learned in there careers.  I am eager
to learn and learn from examples and broaden my horizon on what I’ve seen in the web designs and blogs that I have taken the time to look at.
I found some amazing looking sites that I would have never seen if I didn’t take the time that I did to look.  I really enjoyed the sites below.






Diversity in the workplace is a people issue and focuses on the differences and similarities that people bring to the company. Diversity is defined as the state of or quality of being different or varied.  Most organizations have some type of affirmative action or non-discrimination statues so that employees will not be discriminated against and are able to work in a happy work environment.  Diversity is considered to include everyone in some type of way.  Diversity is about learning from others who are not the same as you and I. It also requires dignity and respect for each other and all types of people as well as religion.  Diversity is about making the workplace a safe, learning from one another and accepting each other for who we are and not what we believe in or the color of our skin.


Like Madeleine L’Engle said “It is the ability to choose which makes us human.” We all have choices that we have to make on a daily basis. Some of the choices are simple like if we have breakfast or if we skip it. Then there are choices that make us or break us. Not all choices are smart or the best idea but we make them because we can and have to. If we didn’t make choices we would be like zombies walking around and no one would ever get anywhere. That’s how the world has evolved from what we were 100 years ago. If someone didn’t make the choice to invent a computer or the internet then we wouldn’t be sitting here reading this. I think we are lucky to make our own choices and that we are able to learn from our mistakes from those choices that we have decided upon. Whether good or bad I am glad that we have the choice to make our own opinions and our own opportunities. No matter what happens in our lives we will make choices, even making a choice to decide if we are going to choose or not to choose what we do in life. It all comes down to are you willing to make a choice, whether right or wrong?